30 July 2001

It's aggressively Monday. I think I over-did a bit this week-end. It was humid and evil at Faire, and I ran around a lot, and my feet and calves were just killing me last night after the show. Plus I somehow managed to pinch a nerve in my left arm, so that my entire arm keeps having painful little spasms that go in and out since Sunday morning. Right now, my left hand is just kinda twitchy. Not a happy.

Weather aside, Bristol was a good this week-end, with some exceptions. There was a small panic when a friend was rushed to the emergency room Saturday, but he was back that same day and seems no worse for wear. I wasn't wild about one patron who apparently wants to be part of the show, and vocalises at inappropriate times, at inappropriate volumes, and is a general pain in the butt. And I trashed my bloomers spotting Saturday, and had to buy new ones. However, my new bloomers are spiffy and fab, and I also got the most lovely and beautiful shiny from Kiri's shop, and that brought me much joy.

Sunday I ran into a girl who grew up in my neighbourhood, and went to the same grammar school my sister Deirdre and I had. Deirds was even Anne's "little sister" in 8th Grade (a practice that paired an 8th grader with a 5th grader all year long, to show them the ropes of being in the 'middle school' and help with that transition from 4th grade where all your classes are in your home room, to 5th grade, where you go from classroom to classroom all day long). Anne had run into Avi (who was in my sib's class at Sacred Heart and is one of the fab Ducklings who feed the cats and crew) already, and was in that shell-shocked "I can't believe I ran into people from my childhood!" mode when she spotted me. We had sang a few songs at Kiri's shop, and were rushing to the Midsummer stage to try and get there ahead of the Court, and this girl grabbed me and we chatted and tho I missed closing gate, it was great fun to catch up with someone I hadn't seen in 10 or 15 years. Turns out she's dating one of the Squires from the Joust, and knew most of the jousting team from a brief stint as a carriage driver in downtown Chicago!

Dawn from Canada is visiting this week, so I'm very excited, and this week-end we're gonna go up to GenCon to see James (Spike) Marsters. I haven't done GenCon before, so it should be fun. I'm also kinda glad that I'll be at the con, and not outside since temperatures are rumoured to hit the 105° mark this coming week-end. Eeep.

I picked up my wristwatch from the jeweller's shop Friday, and it's all spiffy and wonderful! They replaced the band (which was the 3rd band I've had on this watch since 1993 or so), the rubber seal deal-y on the inside, and the crystal. The clockworks inside were apparently damaged not at all by going through the washer, and yay I have my watch again yay!

Oh, and Faire quote of the week is: "Hey, Monkeyboy!"

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