20 March 2003

I had a wonderful visit with my mother and her friend Wanda. We ate incredibly well, and I now have a fridge full of groceries, as well as a new printer which I need to hook up this evening. We marathonned all of Firefly while they were here, and my Judy is now officially hooked on the space cowboys. We chatted about Adam Baldwin quite a bit, as we drove past Lakeview High School (where they filmed My Bodyguard) at one point over the week-end. I had a blast showing them all the website interview clips, and the wrap reel. Nothing entertains me quite like white folks trying to speak Mandarin. Alan Tudyk is my fave, hands down, in the mangling of Chinese category. He also has some truly inspired ad-libs from Bushwhacked. And what can I say about Captain Tightpants that has not already been said? The clip from The Message had us rolling on the floor, dying. Dammit, I love this cast. Still crossing all my digits for MOWs.

Last night had a lovely dinner with pals. The Moveable Feast was held at Avi and Ben's, and being me, I brought hummas and olives stuffed with almonds, because nothing in this world is so tasty as olives stuffed with almonds. I was a very bad girl, and had two of Liz's fabulous chocolate chip cheesecake tarts. So much for the New Year's resolution regarding my diet. I need to get back on track.

Came home, and watched the DVD of the 2001 Disney re-make of Brian's Song. I am intensely impressed with Sean Maher's range. And the part where he doesn't wear his shirt all the time didn't hurt. Hey, I'm only human! I can definitely appreciate the acting skills along with the impressive physique... All I kenw about the original MOW was that it's the only movie on the planet guys are allowed to weep like babies over. It was much better than I expected it to be, and I particularly loved the scenes with both athletes families. The score was lovely as well. I'm still suffering from Firefly withdrawal, and have decided to make a point of tracking down the cast's other work to tide me over until FOX deigns to air the last three episodes.

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