16 June 2003

Thanks to my pals Mary and Debbie (of Unusual Suspects fame/infamy), I now have a new fave live band. Joining the ranks of Boiled in Lead, Alanna, and The Prodigals, is Janah. Went to see them live at the Well's Street Art Festival on Saturday, and they played again Sunday at Ribfest off Lincoln and Irving Park. I have their album, World That Surrounds You on repeat in my cd player at work now. Kinda reminds me a lot of BiL circa Antler Dance, only without a hammer dulcimer, crossed with U2 and Peter Gabriel. Definitely way keen live; I danced like a fool.

Other than wandering off to hear lots of great live music, had a fairly quiet week-end full of chores. Went grocery shopping and as we all know, I can rhapsodise about cooking and eating in general. Very exciting shopping trip, as I got all the stuff I need to make the spinach-lemon-garbanzo-chicken soup I made for the first time a while back. This time, I shall skip the asparagus, as it got too mushy last time. Also picked up some lamb chops, which I think I shall have for supper tonight. Yum. Also stocked up on cleaning supplies, and need to give my bathroom a good scrub. Also, made a small dent in the laundry, which was nice. Ran out of quarters, tho, and need to remember to pick up $10 worth at the store next time. Also stocked up on sugar-free dark chocolate (i.e. that which sustains me) and sugar-free chai mix. Now, if someone would come up with sugar-free caffiene-free chai mix, my world would be complete.

Weather has been squirrelly in Chicago—it's as if the city hasn't figured out yet that it's June, and we've had a lot of lovely clear spring days—65° and sunny, but once the sun goes down, it gets downright chilly. I suppose I should bask while I can, before I have to figure out how to get my air-conditioner back in my office window. Remind me of this entry once it's 102° and sweltering, willya?

I've set out some goals for this summer. Goal one is to join a gym and see about getting less squishy. Goal two is to box up all the vids in my bedroom, and paint that wall some cool colour. Goal three is to find a driving school and get my driving licence. Even if I never own a car, I should get one for emergencies. And that way, if maure and I actually drive to Minnesota Labour Day week-end and go to faire, I can spell her. That would be of the good. And now my sister Deirdre (who, for those who have been following the saga, passed and is in the process of polishing her masters thesis before sending it off to the university printers) is making noises, in the wake of my Janah love, of going down to Florida-la and the two of us driving up to Atlanta. Georgia may never survive.

In other news, finally got off my ass and posted photos that have been languishing on my digital camera for months.

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