08 September 2003

So, the big excitement last week was my early birthday present from my beloved mother, Judith. She had offered to spring for a painter, to paint my living room and bedroom. I went to the paint store, grabbed a bunch of paint chips in the colours I was thinking of, and spoke to Art, the fellow behind the counter at Thybony about rough estimates. Poppy veto'd the painting of the bedroom, but instead contributed $150 to the living room as my grande 30th Birthday Celebration, along with a frequent flyer ticket to NYC. Woo!

It turns out that Art didn't have time to paint my flat, but he referred me to Henry Hall, a local contractor who did a fantasmo job, at a very very reasonable price. Seriously, if you're in the Chicago area and looking for a professional painter who is courteous, prompt, highly skilled and just damn good at his job? Henry's your guy. I am madly and passionately in love with my newly green flat, and am saving up to get the bedroom painted Benjamin Moore's "burnt peanut" (which I have taken to calling "bordello red, not because it is, but because it amuses me to do so--it's gonna start looking like the inside of Inara's shuttle in there, once I get it painted and put the Christmas tree lights back up!).

my hella keen new living room!

my hella keen "new" bedroom

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