19 September 2004

Once again, I have fallen down on my blogging duties. It been a very busy month. I started a new job last week, which I'm very excited about. It's web desigenr for a small multimedia and video production company in Chicago, and so far, I'm really digging it. I'm really enjoying the opportunity to actually design. Not that I don't love HTML work--I live and breathe code. But I haven't designed much in the past few years professionally (tho as always, I add to my fan site portfolio on a regular basis, and have added an Odyssy 5 fan site, as well as a very small Borderlands fan site, which I am still writing content for, hence it not being linked yet). I really think this job will challenge me and make me a better designer.

In addition to my regular weekly TV column, Boob Tube, I also have two features recently published at MediaSharx, in our 1980s theme month. The first is an interview with JeM series creator Christy Marx, and I also had the opportunity to interview Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers creator Robert Mandell. As I am probably one of the biggest GR fans around, you can imagine how thrilled I was. I also have a one-page piece in the current Angel magazine. So journalistically, it's been quite exciting.

I also spent a week in Florida-la with my peachy keen sister Deirdre, who just moved into her very own digs. No worries--neither her new place, nor my folks place suffered any damage from Charley, Frances, or Ivan. It was a sort of co-birthday celebration, as the sib had her birthday September 8th, and mine is this coming Tuesday, September 21st.

And lastly, I have finally finally finally uploaded some photos from my adventures in August and September in Las Vegas, at Wizard World Chicago, and this week-end, at the first annual Browncoat Ball.

Las Vegas

The lovely lady in the snaps with me is Brigitta. We had a blast seeing Penn & Teller.

Wizard World

The smiling fella down there with the kick-ass t-shirt is Buzz. Buzz is not only an AMAZING artist, but also just the sweetest guy in the whole wide world. And his Endless series is GORGEOUS.

The Browncoat Ball

The gorgeous Kaylee dress was made by Jennifer, who also happens to be the lovely lady wearing it. There were waltzing lessons as well. And you can see my big poofy skirt, which almost killed me while trying to dance Salinger's. I am very glad not to have killed my dance partner Luke when I landed on my butt after trodding on my hem.

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