02 April 2005

Very very busy few days. Thursday I took the day off work, because Avril & Ben's wedding rehearsal was at Maxim's in the middle of the day. I picked up my dress on the way downtown, and ended up getting to the Chicago stop quite early. I then discovered I really ought to have gotten off at Clark/Division (but as I was early, enjoeyd the walk tremendously). Also, the new guy at the Starbucks on Chicago was sweet, and only charged me $2.25 for 3 shots of espresso and steamed milk in a venti cup--which apparently is actually a $5 venti latte (despite the fact that you're paying $3 for 8 oz of milk--which in a grocery store would be, like, a gallon). I have since learned that this trick only works once--as long-time Starbucks managers immediately, upon hearing what you're asking for, charge you for a Venti latte.

The day started off grey, but got intensely gorgeous, so that when I actually got out of the rehearsal (which started late due to the bride not actually arriving until almost 2pm) I walked all over. I decided to get my hair cut, so I rang Dee to get the location of the place where she usually got hers cut, once I found out that Dawn, the girl who ahs cut my hair for 5 years, is now working in a chiropractor's office someplace. I wanted a razored bob. However, the woman at the Haircuttery didn't do that. Also, it was not short enough. I was vexed, but figured I could swing by and get my hair cut again before the wedding. Hung out with Jem and Sam at PMU and met Sam's gf Tess, who is a sweetie-pie. Left there at 6pm to walk to Zephyr's where the rehearsal dinner was taking place--and discovered that it really only takes me about half an hour to walk from Clark and Roscoe to Wilson and Ravenswood.

So since I was hella early, I decided to keep on walking west on Wilson and see what they was to see. And then I headed North on Damen for a bit, and ended up wandering into a very small hair salon and getting a proper haircut that I really like (which in fact did involve a razor, as I had originally requested, when the blonde lady at Haircuttery whipped out the scissors) for $25.

So when I arrived at the rehearsal dinner 20 minutes late (but still 10 minutes ahead of the bride) Avi's dad was all "Did you get your hair cut since this afternoon?" and I just grinned and was all "Yep. Twice."

In an attempt to not be groggy, I decided to ditch the Nyquil Thursday night. As a result, I tossed and turned until 4am, and then had nightmares from 5am to 9am when I actually slept. Got to work late, much to the surprise and confusion of Jill & Mark, who hadn't realised I was even coming in.

Dashed home at 2pm and actually made great time--until it took me 20 minutes longer than I thought it would to blow-dry and straighten my hair. However, cabbed it to Maxim's and still got there 20 minutes ahead of the bride. The ceremony was to start at 6pm, but actually got off at 7pm, and it was full of singing and giggles and kisses and utterly utterly lovely start to finish. I especially loved Ben's brothers and sister in their suits and fedoras. Also, they had the BEST damn catering I've ever had. Wow. And they had Spike & Dru as cake toppers, and cut the cake to a song from MST3K (tho the rest of the soundtrack for the wedding was retro 1920s-1940s jazz and such, and I desperately want a set list now). I ditched out of the tall girlie shoes and red lipstick quick, as I cannot maintain that level of pure girl for very long. I'll have to post pics eventually--once I bum them off someone, as I am still camera-less.

The plan was to go to the 12:15am Sin City showing after the wedding reception. Ask me how much that didn't happen. Instead, went to PMU to get some tea and show off my dress to Michelle (who was very wise in reminding me next time I buy I dress, I have to practice sitting. I didn't find out until I got to the venue that really the dress was 3 inches too short to actually sit in, tho I had enough glasses of wine at the reception that I really wasn't paying a whole heck of a lot of attention after the first hour). I then went home and took a long hot bath with lavender stuff that was in my goodie bag from bride & groom, and read Howl's Moving Castle.

I only meant to read a little bit.

I read the whole thing, start to finish.

I think I finally crashed at 3:30 am.

Gosh, I'm smart.

However, even without Nyquil, slept fairly well, and was awakened by Queen on the radio at 10am. Everyone should always be awakened by Queen. It ought to be a law.

At work now. Am waffling about whether I ought to see Sin City after work today, or after brunch with Marianne tomorrow.

Decisions, decisions.

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