23 January 2008

The thing that's made me unbearably sad about Heath Ledger's death is the way, from the hour it was reported, it has been presumed to be an overdose or suicide by the tabloid peess and the public at large. Despite the fact that there was no note, no narcotics were found at the scene, and the autopsy results are inconclusive.

Regardless of whether or not the tox screen comes back clean, it must be absolutely torturing his family to see rampant speculation and people judging him on no actual facts, but the assumption that he was fucked up. That it couldn't have been an accidental OD, or a reaction to his meds, or anything other than suicide or drug abuse, just because he was an actor. And those are the reports his daughter is going to find, when she is old enough to Google. Those are the stories everyone is going to remember forever about him, and that's what she's going to grow up hearing. That's what I hate.

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Cee said...

I came across your blog through a search on Heath Legers death. I agree with you on how the media is handling things. One of the things I find upsetting is how people want to tame down the new Batman film promtions and such involving his role as The Joker. I find that a slap at the memory of an actors work.