26 February 2008

So I'm having problems with my hosting service, and ljconstantine.com is going to be down for a while as I move to a new host. I figured it would just be easier for the time being to move my Blog to blogspot. So sorry for the confusion!


Mr.SFTV said...

Welcome to Blogspot, even if it's just temporary...

Also looked at your wishlist and thought I'd point out that both Brisco County and The Flash are priced really low at DeepDiscountDVD.com. I know that I should have waited a bit longer than I did.


LJC said...

VBeen blogging since 2001, but it was all on my own site. It's odd to be here, but I think I may stay.

Thanks for the head's up re: The Flash and Brisco! Now that the WGA strike is over, I have a backlog of DVDs and no funds for them (not helped by managing to order Justice League: New Frontier twice by accident because I am a genius).