30 June 2008

Home from Wizard World Chicago, and exhausted from staying up far too late last night and getting up far too early this morning. But the company was excellent, and I don't regret a minute of it. Okay, except for the part Friday night when I perhaps drank a bit too much on an empty stomach. You'd think after 15 years of this show, I'd remember not to do that.

But this year I only managed to call at least one old bar buddy by the wrong given name, instead of my usual 3+. Score!

Name tags. I love name tags. They are especially useful when I am trying to remember if I recognise you because we went out to dinner and had a great conversation about Suicide Squad that one time 5 years ago, or if I recognise you because I had to rescue a girlfriend from you in Knuckles. Twice.

Also, while I forever miss the pool table in Knuckles, which has gone to the crappy hotel sports bar in the sky, the espresso/cappucino machine in the Regency Lounge has totally made up for it. I want to marry it and have 2.4 kids and a dog and a house in the suburbs with it. No lie.

Oh! And this year the Obligatory Hyatt Regency Arrest was a beardy white guy who was rapping in the lobby and cussing in front of small children. They tasered him, and he was openly weeping—possibly from pepper spray—when Buzz and I saw him being cuffed as we came back from lunch.

Those Rosemont cops. They're wacky.

I met a lot of lovely new people, and saw many old friends and there was much hugging and hanging out and story-telling and trading of YouTube clips at 3am (how the boys at The Pull Box have lived this long without Here Comes Dr Tran!, I will never know).

I have now been home for about 6 hours, have read all the comics I bought or was given, done absolutely no laundry at all, and I am struggling to keep my eyes open. So I'll have to do a proper con report later this week.

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