23 July 2009

I'm alive. And not in San Diego.

Remember all my promises earlier this year that I would be blogging more often?

This summer has thus far been eaten by work, stress, and Star Trek.

However, I promise that in days to come I will be posting about the things you all actually care about, like Chicks Dig Time Lords, my new doctor-mandated all-sushi and veg diet, and most importantly, 101 More Reasons to Love The Middleman.

...and probably Star Trek.

(And how there's a prequel/sequel that lives in my head with Bruce Greenwood's Pike and Jennifer Garner as Number One, where they have lots of sexy adventures in space, and stuff.)

In the meantime, I suggest you check out O2STK.com where Javier Grillo-Marxuach keeps us all up to date on the latest Middlenews, Paul Cornell's shiny new blog, as he talks about the final issue of Captain Britain and his latest comics miniseries that ties in to Iron Man 2, and John Rogers as he shares secrets about his love of drinking and Catholic guilt the second series of Leverage, currently airing every Wednesday on TNT. Because they are far more interesting than I am on a regular basis.

And to everyone who is in San Diego right now... I love you all, and I also am INSANELY JEALOUS and if there is a God in heaven, one of you will be tweeting the The Middleman table read this afternoon.

Okay, I love you, bye-bye.

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