06 March 2010

Pardon our dust; we're renovating.

So in the wake of the Chicks Dig Time Lords launch, I’m trying to streamline and consolidate my online presence. To that end, I’m working on fiddly bits with WordPress and ScribeFire so that when I update my WP blog on fringe-element.net it shall update this Blogger blog, my Livejournal, and publish out a link to my Twitter feed and Facebook feed.

(And if anyone has tips/tricks on how to do this, I welcome the help because I’ve been an Blogger and LJ user for nearly 10 years, but WordPress and ScribeFire are unknown countries to me, and I feel as if I desperately need a map and compass in order to navigate them. Both of which I do not have in my pack.)

So if you see the same post in 3 places, don’t worry. That’s actually the plan. LJ also has unique content, and a lot more on my freelance career as a graphic designer for folks like Claudia Gray, Seanan McGuire, and RJ Anderson. Whereas for the next two months, I suspect this blog may be All Chicks All The Time.

But no worries–I’ll continue to geek out about television and film here on Blogger as well, once the absolutely shameless public flogging of the book has passed.

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