10 April 2012


FIVE exciting things to announce today!

Seanan McGuire has posted new Incryptid stories featuring Frances Brown & Jonathan Healy, and I designed the covers. Please check them out!

I've entered four tee-shirt designs in WeLoveFine's JEM design contest. The winner gets to have her or his design produced as a tee-shirt (and officially licensed by Hasbro!) in addition to a cash prize. You have to register on the site to rate the designs, and the more folks who rate them, the higher the potential cash prize. So if you have a minute, and want to indulge my passion for frighteningly PINK glamour & glitter, fashion & fame, check it out!

My Designs:
Truly Outrageous
Showtime, Synergy!

Secondly, Welcome to Bordertown comes out in trade today!!! BordertownSeries.com has been redesigned (by yours truly), and editors Ellen Kushner and Holly Black are running a contest!

Bring a Friend to Bordertown

Thirdly, Chicks Dig Comics hits stores today, featuring an essay by me, and essays and interviews from a SLEW of amazing contributors. It's edited by Sigrid Ellis and Lynne Thomas and the official book launch will be at C2E2 this Sunday!

And lastly, Seanan McGuire's album Wicked Girls has been nominated for a Hugo Award in the "Best Related Work" category. I designed the cover, and could not be more thrilled that it has made it to the Hugos Ballot.

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