02 July 2002

I have a great big bruise on my calf from Thursday, when I went to kick Jared in the head and he blocked with his forearm. I got him back tho, when I accidenty backfisted him Saturday.

We had been out in his brother's backyard, practicing my kicks (I discovered that even though I do crescent kick better with my left leg, I'm really good at roundhouse with my right) and I got too hot, so we went back in. We were playing out favourite game, "How Would You Get Out of This?" He came up behind me and got me in a headlock. Out of habit, I elbowed him in the ribs and backfisted him.

Only I didn't mean to actually hit him, I just forgot to look. He didn't bleed or anything, tho. So that's good.

We're strange, strange people.

Saturday was Mrs. Weber's surprise 70th birthday-party, up in Cary. She was genuinely surprised, which was of the good. The Boy and I went to Bristol Sunday, and I got too much sun. My face aches from sweating--kinda like it's chapped, or sunburnt, when in fact it's actually just got a little colour (my normal pallor is dead). Jared had never actually been a patron before. I took great delight in telling everyone that we actually paid to get in, because I am evil. And silly. And I swear to God, everyone was there. Everybody. Former Revellers, former fight cast, everyone under the sun. And Chris showed me a new card trick (card from fly). Woo!

Skipped out on closing gate (it was weird walking away as everyone was singing), got caught in some of the Six Flaggs traffic, got a sack of White Castle cheeseburgers, and watched The Iron Giant (which still makes me cry) while we tried to cool off, as my apartment was an oven, and running both a/c units at once blew the fuses over and over again. Kicked the boy out at midnight, and crashed without even checking my email, I was that wiped.

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