19 July 2002

You know, even if I hadn't believed in Divine Providence before, this week would have cinched it for me.

First off, I spent all of last week completely paranoid, because my rent hadn't gone through yet, I was short (thanks to adventures in cellphonereplacment and a very last minute trip to D.C.) and I lived in terror of it bouncing before payday. I was even afraid to check my answering machine, because I was dreading they "Hi, can you get a cashier's cheque to us?" call from my landlady. But around 1am on I think it was Monday, I took the plunge.

Yep, there was a call from my landlady...

..apologising because she lost my rent, and could I pop another one to her in the post?

I sure could!

Then my iMac mouse crapped out on me yet again. So I shopped around online, but still couldn't find a Mac Pro Mouse for any cheaper than $30, so I gave Apple in Chicago a call. I started to explain to the nice lady who answered the phone my problem, and she cut me off and said "Hey, I have a brand new mouse right here. What's your address?"

Just like that. BAM. New, free iMac mouse which arrived five minutes ago.

This will, of course, drive my friends insane. Because the way I get through my life is kinda sorta by clinging to the firm believe that somehow, in the end, everything will work out okay. And it's gonna frustrate the hell out of some of them that it occasionally does.

But you know what? I figure, for all the shit we all go through on a daily basis, sometimes God goes "Hey, you know what? You're due," and throws some fortune our way.

And it's nice to know that, whether we believe in it or not, it still happens.

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