05 September 2002

Just found out that, despite rallying after her stroke, Jeanine (who played the fabulous the Dowager Countess of Lennox at Bristol for 10 years) passed away this morning. She was funny, and talented, and wonderful, and I'm gonna miss her something feirce. She was so my favourite Swiss Miss, and I remember she told me once when she was an air hostess, she met Danny Kaye. I remember being insanely jealous, even tho she said he was grumpy, and not at all like he was in the movies. She was always such a lady--and HUGE twinkle in her eye. And she was never down a day, when other folks were dropping like flies around her. I've never had anything but the best memories of Jeanine, and I'm so sad that I won't have any news ones to add to the collection. But she was always and will always be a class act.

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