05 November 2002

I've been slacking lately, in terms of excercise. So, at lunch, walked home to vote at the grammar school across the street which my shiny and new voter's registration card notice said was my polling place. Left home, with my fave wool hat and umbrella this time, with just enough time to make it back to work on foot. Hat was itching my forehead, and so I stuffed it in my pocket. Got 1 block from my office, and realised I'd lost the hat. I figured it was when I got my specs out of my pocket. Started to re-trace my steps, and re-traced them all the way back home. Still no hat. So at this point, I'm 15, 20 minutes late coming back from lunch. So I think, will go get a cab back. Get to 7-11, and realise, I have no cash and no way to get cash. So walked back, still keeping an eye out for hat.

No hat, got back to work 45 minutes late, and have now walked 7 miles today, which was so amazingly not the plan.

Grr. It was my fave hat. Grr.

In other news...

Always remember
The Fifth of November
For gunpowder, treason and plot.
For I see no reason
Why gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot.

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