07 October 2002

Okay, so I've always called Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio "the town that time forgot." My Aunt Pat and Uncle Art live there, my mother worked there during summers in her teens, and my family used to vacation there in the summers. It's mainly a resort town, and parts of the town (the Shore Shop springs to mind) are sort of permanently stuck in 1961. Imagine my surprised when I saw an article at CNN about the Haunted House ride at the amusement park that my sister and I went to the whole time we were growing up. The rides are as much a part of Geneva for us as Eddie's Grill and the arcade (the name of which escapes me, but introduced me to skeeball, and I have very fond memories of trying to win a pack of girlie cards there with my cousin-in-law Rusty one of my last trips there).

Spooky, spooky Neds!

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