01 October 2002

PAD developed Titans for WB Kids, and has a blog. Have I been living in a cave, that I missed this?

First 10 days since turning 29 have been good. My Judy sprang for a new vacuum, which was way nifty and peachy keen. I saw Spirited Away (aka Sen To Chihiro) and am madly in love with it. The Backflip Boy may be auditioning for Cirque, God willing, and I actually survived reviewing Friday the 13th part VII: The New Blood for AudioRevolution.com, though I really wish I'd pitched a review of Donnie Darko to my editor, as I am blown away by it and have added it to my very short list of Time Travel Movies That Don't Frell Up The Time Travel Part.

In other news, all the babies visited me Saturday, and I need a new TV stand, but you all knew that.

Also, send mental hugs to unca neil this week. If you can mentally key McFly's car while you're at it... Petty, but satisfying mental image, that.

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