21 September 2002

Birthday? Not starting out well. My house continues to look like homeless people squat here, my mother arrives in less than 12 hours, and I still have laundry to put in and dry, office to attempt to tidy, bedroom to clean, shelves to dust, bathroom to scour, and dishes to finish. I just suck all over. But, it's my birthday. So I have to sing the Birthday Song.

Joxer the Mighty
Roams through the countryside,
He never needs a place to hide...

With Gabby as his sidekick
Fighting with her little stick,
Righting wrongs, and singing songs!
Being mighty all day long!

He's Joxer,
He's Joxer the mighty...


He's Joxer the Mighty.
He's very tidy.
Everybody loves him
'Cause he's got a funny grin...

He's Joxer,
He's Joxer the Mighty.

He's Joxer,
He's Joxer the Mighty!

Yay, I'm old. Yay.

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