15 November 2004

Home again, home again, tra la la. Fiddler's Green was fantabulous, and raised an obscene amount of money for the CBLDF to the tune of $41,000, and I cannot say how very cool it was to get to met Karen Berger (who was and is one of my heroes), Todd Klein (who is amazing), John M. Ford (who has seen so much theatre in London I am sick with jealousy, and also has truly extraordinary eyebrows), Caitlín R. Kiernan (who had fabulous Catwoman-esque aviator goggles as sunglasses, and got one scary bunny). Also in attendance were the always lovely Jill Thompson (who had devils in her hair, and wicked keen shoes), Charles Vess (who can cut a rug, let me tell you), The Fabulous Lorraine (who received much-deserved mangoes as tribute, and plays a mean fiddle), Martha Soukup (who can geek out about TV with the best of them), the ultra-fab miss Maddy (who handles interviews with aplomb, and has a ketchup fixation), and the fabulous maure, Shield, davey, tyg, Walker (who may or may not be allowed on a plane in his new boots), Rocky, Squeaks (whose hair is truly a wonder, and whose Scary Godmother costume was the envy of all--she even made stripey tights!), two excellent Lucys, Jouni (who is very tall and a wonderful artist, and has a charming Finnish accent) and hundreds of fantastic fans.

Highlights of the week-end were the costume ball (there is something truly amazing about seeing some five Deliriums all lined up with fish and sparkles), a one-man show called 10,000 Comic Books which featured a dramatic reading of the Comics Code Authority code, the auction (beware anyone who gets between Lorraine and her Desire Docs), Jill's reinactment of Frankenstein (Grr. Fire. Grr.), and finding out that Georgia (whom I met in the Vegas at Writercon in August, and insisted had to had to had to come to Fiddler's Green) not only came, but won the dinner with unca neil. How keen is that?

I did many things. I won a thumb war tournament (Canadian rules). I did not sleep (much). I wore a posh very flammable frock (very briefly). I danced. I got to pet not one but two Tribble purses. I gazed longingly at many beautiful pieces of art in both the art show and the auction, and wished I was not unemployed and could actually bid on them.

All in all, a wonderful time.

And this time, I did take photos.

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