16 February 2005

I am posting this from my laptop, with my shiny new wireless Internet connection. Woo! Finally got the home network set up, and can now do work cross-platform. Go me!

Working at Brella--have been for the past month and a half. Love the work, love the people, particularly love the whole steady paycheque thing. Very aware of how much I took for granted, this time last year.

I've a few new sites I need to add to my homepage. Have a lot of sites I still have to update. It's been a crazy, crazy year kids. I cannot quite believe how crazy it's been.

And now, must dash--have two side jobs I'm knee-deep in at the moment, on top of Brella job. My fabulous gal-pal Brigitta is in town this week, and hopefully, fun shall be had when we get together after work this Saturday.

Alas, no new pictures for a good long while, as I lost my digital camera in December, on the way down to Florida-la. So this blog will be plenty plain, until I can afford a new one, which won't be for a good long while, as food and rent will pretty much be my prioritites for the next six months.

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