08 August 2005

Home from show.

Throat is sore from talking and laughing and alas, too much smoking and second hand smoke. And I may never drink again.

Quick impressions of the con this year: Everyone on the planet needs to read Patrick the Wolf Boy by Art & Franco. Jim Lee is travel-sized for your convenience. I ought not to ever wear hats. If you walk the floor with me, we will be stopped every 3 feet as I run into someone I know. It's a natural law, like gravity. The Middleman creator (and former Jake 2.0 writer, and current Lost scribe) Javier Grillo-Marxuach is one cool dood. I will start picking up Buzz' speach patterns after 4 days. Mark Waid is desperately in love with new Who. I have a sketch of a flying panda wearing a cape and goggles, courtesy of Charles Wilson, who rocks 6 ways from Sunday. Ken Lillie-Paetz and I will always have Edmonton. Chris Moreno can seriously work a hat and a microphone. MONKEY VS LEMUR!!!!! Oh, and Frank Miller was there.

(note: you know Chicago Comics Con is officially over when I have finally left the lobby outside Knuckles at 4am on a Monday morning)


I wanted to take about 50 other pics--I have none of Buzz, Jill, Scott, Mark Waid (WHO FAN Mark Waid. ROCK ON!!), Luke and Charles W. and all the Shadowed Press guys (except Shannon. Oh, I definitely got a pic of Shannon) who made for kick-ass drinking buddies all week-end, my awesome roommates (in costume!), my mini-Stormer Lauren Perry, the Mighty Bruce, and dozens upon dozens of other people. Alas, I tend to completely forget I even own a camera 90% of the time.

Next year, right?


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