15 August 2005

Today has thus far been totally, totally random in a wonderful way.

I woke up late (surprise! it's Monday. I wonder sometimes if I really ought to just give up and become completely nocturnal) and while at Starbucks getting coffee, Poppy called to tell me SWA is having a sale on Chicago/Orlando fares and he's booking me a $84 RT fare to come down to Sanford and help Deirdre move for her birthday.

Then I was on the purple line, engrossed in re-reading Night Watch and heard a baby giggle, and looked up, and grandmother of said baby was a gal who worked in the mailroom at CICA, whom I haven't seen in ages, but the best part?

Sitting next to me and recognises me just as I recognise her was Larry McCauley, whom I have not seen in nearly 10 years. We quickly exchanged numbers, and now I'm trying to figure out what he's been up to, since I saw him last. Larry is a character actor who has been working in Chicago for ages and ages with everyone under the sun, and I remember walking downtown back when the new Goodman was under construction and stopping in my tracks because hanging on the wall was a photo of Larry with Brian Dennehy in the Iceman Cometh at the Goodman in 1990.

(and of course, none of this would have happened, had I not got on that exact seat, in that train car, at that exact time... City of 10 million people, and I manage that.)

I think I left my The Saint paperback at uncommon ground Saturday. ack.

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