31 March 2006

So since people are actually linking to this, I feel I ought to actually start updating it again.

I did, at least, manage to get the comments working again, which had me sort of vaguely flummoxed as Blogger has changed a lot since I first set this blog up in March 2001. So I had to go poking around and mess with templates and such, and I may still tweak it over the next few weeks to try and get it looking vaguely as if I am an actual web designer and not a 14 year old doing a blog as a class assignment.

No photos yet, as I still need to figure out my new camera, which I got in December to replace my old camera, which I broke, which itself replaced my very old camera, which was stolen. So that's why there are no random photos of field mice or haircuts lately.

In any case, I'm going to try and make a concerted effort to keep up with my blog, which I used to be very good about, but really have let slide in the past two years.


Anonymous said...

yeah! so happy you updated. are you still writing? you're the person who got me into internet fiction. and i'd really like to read any of your new stuff.


LJC said...

I'm still writing, tho I've only finished two stories in the last 6 months. You can find my fan fiction here (tho I'll be redesigning that site soon). In the last year, it's mostly been Doctor Who, with some small side trips into Sin City, Jem and vr5.

Dan Wilson said...

And just when I had decided that you had quit for good and to drop the bookmark.

Hope things are good in Chicago!

Paul Cornell said...

Good to see you posting again. The world shortage of squee will once more be addressed.

LJC said...

I have joined Mags and nos in the squee threads on OG. The world shall tremble. Albeit, I haven't properly squeed (and they got Tennant soaking went TWICE, so that is much to squee about, even if the episode itself occasionally made me want to kill people. In a gentle 'how can an intravenous cure being applied topically WORK/ And wtf with the clones spontaneous sentience completely with LANGUAGE CENTRES???' sort of way that means RTD will sleep safe knowing I am thousands of miles away) yet as I am at my folks' place, with only intermittant internet access.