20 April 2006

I am in Florida for the next two weeks plus. My parents are on their way to UK for Poppy's annual RAF reunion, and to visit the family. My sister is house-sitting, and I'm alternating between the house and her place in town. Since her campus where she teaches has Internet, I'm currently in the campus bookstore, 30 pages from the end of the first Cazalet Chronicles novel (which is only odd in as much as I haven't read a book written in omniscient POV in ages--and even then, they tended to be children's books or YAs rather than novels. I keep getting whiplash at the POV switches) and I'm actually enjoying it very much, particularly the recreation of the period between WWI and WWII.

I met a new friend on the plane down. We bonded while waiting in line at Midway, and SWA tried to change gates on us twice but in the end we prevailed. Her name is Dawn, and she and her husband are expecting their first sprog, whom we named Clyde, tho she is thinking she might be able to talk him into naming the sprog "Egon" after the Ghostbuster. She was also very patient about my attempting to discern through trial and error how to operate my faux iPod. It is the first time I have ever had an MP3 playing device, and it took me forever, but I now have a nice collection of pTerry BBC radio adaptations (omg David Tennant as Dangerous Beans!) and a handful of Big Finish Eight Doctor adventures to listen to on the flight home. As soon as I can figure out how to make playlists, I am going to try and use it to exercise with as well, because I used to do that (well, with a cassette tape and a walkman) when I lived in South Carolina and it worked quite well. Boiled in Lead remains my fave exercise music, which reminds me that I need to find a copy of Adam Stemple's book while I'm here today, because I only brought two books with me, and I will have finished them by Sunday I'm sure.

Doctor Who remains a joy, even though the plot was utter pants and the resolution a bit feeble. Mostly, it is the sheer love of new episodes, every week, and I adored Piper and Tennant muchly. Though I will enjoy "Tooth and Claw" more I think due to it being the first proper adventure where no-one spends 2/3rds of the episode either possessed or unconscious, thus resulting in two Tenth Doctor stories thus far where we really don't get any real insights into how he and Rose are getting on since the regeneration. My friend nos, who is genius, has decided that the Tenth Doctor is a slut (properly, a slutboi alien tease), and I have decided that yes, she is wise and this is true. But we love him and his perpetually surprised hair anyway, or perhaps even because of it. Also, Romana ought to really come back from E-Space* regenerated and fit and they can go off and have adventures someday, and possibly more hand-holding a la "City of Death", and they can blow up the dog a whole lot**.

* shut it, she's been in E-Space since the Doctor ran off with Adric. Do not speak to me of audios or novels. Because if she is still in E-space, then she did not Go Boom with Gallifrey. SHUT IT.

** not a K-9 fan, me.

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Hi LJC This is Thingfish from you past.

I'm married (someone involved in the fashion industry)with kid and missing alot of hair.