15 March 2010

Chicks Dig Time Lords launch!

So, as of today, Chicks Dig Time Lords is available in stores.


Now I know how my clients feel (and as Seanan McGuire and Claudia Gray both have books hitting this month, I have suddenly developed all new endless wells of empathy and sympathy). Those of you who have pre-ordered copies may have already received them. Some of you have written lovely reviews on blogs, Facebook, and messageboards, and I wanted to thank everyone for helping to spread the word. Lynne and I are hugely proud of this book, and excited to finally be sharing it with you all.

For those of you who have not yet ordered a copy, and can do so online from Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble, or (best of all) from local independent booksellers like Mysterious Galaxy, Women & Children First, or Powell's. Can't find a store near you? Check out Indie Bound.

You can also find it from Doctor Who merchandise dealers such as Alien Entertainment and Who NA. And internationally, it's also currently available in the UK from Galaxy 4, and Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.ca will have book in stock shortly!

And last but not least, our publisher likes it when you order it directly from Mad Norwegian Press.

Visit our Facebook page for full details on upcoming Chicks events in NYC and Madison, WI, or follow #chicksdigtimelords or #cdtl on Twitter.

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