08 March 2010

would that this journal had a *facepalms* icon.

Today was rather aggressively Monday. I apologise to all whom I spammed today with new post notifications!

I was trying to import LJ entries to WP with tags intact, and forgot to disable cross-posting first. And as a result, I created a recursive loop and then had to delete triple posts in two different places, which apparently corrupted the Wordpress database. So tonight after work and freelance work, I blew the old database away and started from scratch, only this time with a (more) solid idea of how to daisy-chain my blogger/wordpress/livejournal/twitter/facebook feeds together.

Look at it this way... if I can get the bugs sorted out, then it'll work great from now on?

(I am now picturing people fleeing me in droves, and at this point, I really cannot blame them.)

To give this entry some actual content, ClaudiaGray.com has been updated with new wallpapers and icons to promote Hourglass the third and penultimate novel in her Evernight series. People are going to be on tenterhooks until Afterlife comes out, let me tell you. Also, I learned many new and exciting things while working on those assets, up to and including how difficult it is to fake vintage NYC subway station decor.

In other news, I am still working my way through the ARC of Mira Grant's Feed so I can design nifty peachy-keen promotional materials for her, and this book had better hit twice as big as World War Z cos it's fantastic.

(Part of it may be that my journalistic heroes are Edward R Murrow and Network 23's Edison Carter. Make of that what you will.)

Lastly, I've already mentioned this on Livejournal but it got a bit lost in the shuffle of trying to become Queen of all Social Networking Media, but there is now a Chicks Dig Time Lords Facebook Fan Page, which not only has images from the Gallifrey One launch of the book, but events in Madison, WI and New York City, and folks area already sharing their reviews. So check it out. We're really thrilled beyond measure at the reception the book has had thus far, and are hoping that when it is released March 15, everyone who wasn't at Gally will have a chance to chime in!

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