06 March 2010

one last test, I swear! Also, re: the zombie apocalypse

I promise, on my honour, that if this bloody thing actually works I shall only post entries for now on that contain actual content. Like me nattering on about fonts and design, or the awesomeness of Doctor Who, or how much I really enjoy sometimes scaring Phil Ford just the tinest bit with my deep and abiding love of Gosford Park

No, really. Hand-to-heart.


For those of you at home wondering what the hell I'm doing, it goes like this...

So I've got this blog. And I've had it for nearly a decade. And I've cleaned it up, and exported the relevant bits to my Livejournal. But the true goal of this Rube Goldbergian game of social networking dominos I'm playing is to update the blog at blogger.com just as I have done since, erm, 2001ish. And then the WordPress blog at fringe-element.net syndicates the content via the RSS feed. Which in turn, cross-posts it automatically to my Livejournal. Then the Twitter feed picks up that I've updated the blog, and automatically posts a link, which then automatically posts that tweet to my Facebook status line.

The goal of all of this is to update in one place, and have it broadcast everywhere it needs to be broadcast.

The real goal, I admit freely, is blatantly using myself as a guinea pig to work out all the insane fiddly bits, so in turn I can simplify the lives of my clients. So that, for example, the nest time Claudia Gray has important news to share with her readers about the Evernight series, she can post in one place and magically it shall appear everywhere else she has fans following her.

I know I am late to the party, where the potential for the usefulness of the blogsphere is concerned. but I'm trying to get caught up as quick as I can.

So to give this post some actual content, here is a question for you all:

If the zombie apocalypse were to happen tomorrow, what 1) weapon 2) location and 3) ally would you choose?

For example, my answer tends to b 1) flame-thrower, b) Cheyenne Mountain and 3) Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

How about you?

1 comment:

hannah! said...

1) traditional axe 2) my old high school (lots of hiding places!) 3) Vin Diesel ;)