12 August 2010

I live!

You know that thing I do where I swear up and down I am not going to neglect my blog for months on end? And I promise con reports and so on, and then never deliver?

Yeah. So. Erm...

To catch you all up, I went with my friend and client the fabulous Seanan McGuire (aka Mira Grant) to San Diego Comic Con last month. It was my first SDCC, and it was fantastic. Not only did I get to hang out with people whom I adore like Mary-Elizabeth Hart, Tony Lee, Amy Mebberson, Jann Jones, Chris Moreno and Lauren Perry, Javi Grillo-Marxuach, and Paul Cornell and his equally-if-not-moreso awesome wife Caroline, I GEEKED OUT LIEK WHOA. I didn't make it to too many panels, it's true. There was some seriously late nights, followed by sleeping til lunchtime a few days. But as a social week-end it was glorious. I'm not too fussed by crowds or lines, and in terms of exclusives the only toy I rally wanted I did get (Flashdance Barbie) and before you point and mock and laugh AND JUDGE ME, I'd like to point out she lasted as Alex all of 24 hours before I redressed and restyled her as Sita Mohindas from the awesome Early Voyages comic written by Dan Abnett. Okay, wait... okay, go ahead and mock me. I clearly deserve it.

So really for me the week-end was all about a) meeting people b) seeing people whom I already knew and c) introducing many people I knew to one another. When this results in a breakfast where two of the participants GLEEFULLY discuss flesh-eating viruses and parasite-ridden snails while the other two look on in vague horror, lemme tell you... some days, it's good to be me. Not always, mind you. But sometimes, it kinda rocks.

In any case, in the fortnight since I've done another local convention, and had the first of two family visits. So things are a bit scattered. But there are new graphical goodies up at SeananMcGuire.com to promote her third Toby Daye novel, An Artificial Night, with there are more goodies to come in the coming days. I've also been working on something Evernight-related for Claudia Gray that I think once it's unveiled will make her fans go crazy. I hope.

There's more cool stuff from me on the horizon (hopefully) but until then, I am hip-deep in freelance graphics work and my kid sister (who is going to be 35 in a few weeks, for the record) is arriving tomorrow morning. So I should probably get the dolls out of the spare room...

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Anonymous said...

I would mock, 'cuz you said I could, but you're really just too awesome to mock.