14 January 2011

2011! Hurrah!

So very many things to tell you all. And per usual, it's my own fault for not, you know... telling you sooner.

Chicks Dig Time Lords co-editor Lynne M Thomas and I contributed an essay to Tor.com for their Twelve Doctors of Christmas series, "Chicks Dig The Eleventh Doctor". Be sure and check out the entire series, as it features essays from CDTL contributor Seanan McGuire, writer Paul Cornell, BOOM! Studios editor in chief Mark Waid, and many more!

Speaking of CDTL, I have been reliably informed by pretty much everyone on the planet that it is eligible for a Hugo award in the "Best Related Work" category. To nominate it, you need to have been a member of Aussiecon IV (WorldCon 2010) or a member of Renovation (Worldcon 2011) to nominate.

(If it ends up on the ballot, my head may actually explode. In a good way.)

Seanan McGuire is currently selling prints I designed with the lyrics to the song Wicked Girls. This is a limited print run of 500, and some signed and numbered prints are still available! Check out her blog for details!

I am doing many, many conventions in 2011! Okay, at least 3. Okay, probably more than 3, but here are the shows were I know I'll be attending thus far. They are:
In other news, there will soon be 4 ridiculously awesome items I customised up for auction by Claudia Gray to promote her final Evernight novel, Afterlife. Check out her blog for details.

More stuff coming soon in the way of news, and hopefully not 6 months between updates this time!

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Sarah Allen said...

Thank you for your humor and honesty. Great blog!

Sarah Allen
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