15 April 2004

The last three weeks have been... Well, you know what they say. May you live in interesting times.

The promised feature interview with actor Allison Mack is running a week behind thanks to first allison-mack.com going down March 26th for a week, and now problems accessing the new host via FTP. But it will go up somehow, hopefully tomorrow.

I also just got back from a week-long trip to Florida, thanks to a family emergency, which put everything I had planned for this week and part of last on hold.

What can I say? When it rains...

But hey, at least Spring has sprung in the Chicago area. I didn't even need my jacket when I went out today to run errands. And the final four Jake 2.0 epsiodes which were pulled from the UPN February schedule will air in the UK in May. So at least I have something to look forward to.

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