18 May 2004

This whole journal thing would probably work better if I updated more often than once a month... Ah, well. I think you can all forgive me if the last calendar month has been a bit on the insane side.

I did finally get the allison-mack.com DNS problem squared away by moving the site to a new host and registering the DNS through a different company. So the feature went up on time, and I even got a wee little scoop even. I am still job hunting for full-time web design and part-time consulting gigs, and on the journalista side, look for a David Boreanaz feature with my byline in the July issue of the official Angel magazine from Titan in the UK (which is also available in the States at chain bookstores and comics stores, thanks to Diamond). Also this week, look for a special Angel retrospective at MediaSharx, and as always, new DVD reviews at Audio Revolution. And look for an exclusive interview with Keegan Connor Tracy at j20fans soon!

This summer is looking to kick off with quite a bang, as I may be attending WriterCon in Vegas at the end of July. I'll then be at Chicago Comics Con (aka Wizard World) hanging with my peeps and covering the Whedon panels hopefully for either Titan or MediaSharx. I am sitting out MediaWestCon next week-end, and while he ex-roommates are headed to Tennessee to to Buffy academic conference (yay James!), I'll be no doubt up to the eye-teeth in getting my dining room closet and office squared away.

And for those of you who have been wondering, yes, I saw the two Jake 2.0 episodes which aired in the UK in the last fortnight, and yes, my head exploded. Bits of head, everywhere. In addition to updating my Jake 2.0 Fan Fiction, I'm also updating the JMD with fiction by a variety of authors, and j20fans with all sorts of news about Christopher Gorham's new pilot, synopses, reviews, and screencaptures for the final four, and more! So if you haven't been there in a while, please do check it out!

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