05 June 2004

Working at last! I'm freelancing at Brella, working with the fabulous Mrs Vuch and Jill. The commute isn't great, but luckily the weather has been fine this week--no more downpours. Which is good, since the trip to and from involves about 3 miles of walking, all told. I go back on Monday, and we'll see where it goes from there.

Deirds is taking an apartment in September, and it sounds absolutely gorgeous. I'm hoping I can go down for our birthdays and help her move in and decorate. Plus it means a cat-free place for me to stay when I go to visit my folks.

Got the Angel article written up and sent off, and am now waiting to hear back from my editor. And I've taken over the sexy geek the Jake Foley fanlisting website and given it a face-lift. But the big news is that the project my Poppy started, The American Friends of Timkatec, is up and running.

Timkatec is a school and mission in port-au-Prince, Haiti which shelters street children and teaches them a trade. As I'm sure you all know from the news lately, Haiti has been hit with terrible storms, and I'm sure Père Simon has his work cut out for him even in the best of times, let alone now. I'm really proud to lend a hand with the website, and the best news of all is that Catholic Relief Services have agreed to match funds donated through the website up to $15,000. No matter how down I get about my current state of affairs, I know that I am incredibly blessed compared to the children the Salesians are sponsoring, and I hope the site really takes off. And the site gave me something to concentrate on these last two months, as I waited for responses to all the resumes I've sent out...

In other news, I'm growing my hair back out after wearing it cropped uber-short this last summer. And at the moment it's dyed red. Which is fun, as I haven't had it red in over a year and a half now. But the growing stages? I look like a Muppet. I'll be glad when it's long enough to do something with it. I've been growing it out since January, and it's barely grown 2 inches. Something tells me it's going to be a very long year...

This summer looks to be fairly quiet for now. Assuming I can scrape up what I need for the airfare, I'll be headed to the Vegas at the end of July for WriterCon, hopefully to visit with Brigitta, whom I met at the Angel con... Then there's Chicago Comics Con (aka WizardWorld) in my hometown of Chicago in August. Alas, it is the same week-end as VividCon this year, so I will miss out on all the nifty-keen vidding panels. sigh. But I'm hoping I'll be able to visit with folks, regardless, as the con hotel is a stone's throw from Rosemont where WizardWorld is held. Then in November, it's off to Fiddler's Green, the very first Sandman convention--which looks to be the event, let me tell you.

What? me? Biased?

Well, maybe a little, as the always fabulous miss maure is on concom, along with davey, lucy ann, and bunches of fine Sandgirls and Boys.

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